Fun at the 2018 Fun Palaces in Bodmin

Tros an Treys, a Cornish traditional music and dance group from Penzance, were invited to take part in the 2018 Fun Palaces events in Cornwall. We all travelled together on the train from Penzance to Bodmin Parkway, passing the Flying Scotsman en route. We then boarded a steam train on the Bodmin and Wenford Steam Railway and began our first performance.

We played a small set of tunes on the train including the Duke of Cornwall’s Reel, Awel Vase, and Bodmin Riding (we couldn’t resist!) and received a big round of applause from the carriage. The dancers performed a small serpent dance through the train and there were smiles everywhere. The band continued to play at the train chuffed its way into the terminus station at Bodmin General and we received a very hearty and welcome round of applause.

The Tros an Treys band at Bodmin General station complete with steam train and driver

We played on the platform and did some display dances, then led a few serpent dances which attracted several participants. We had a great audience, who if they weren’t joining in were clapping, smiling, and enjoying themselves.

We were then treated to a fantastic pasty lunch in the station buffet. All were in agreement that these were very fine pasties indeed.

After lunch the station began to get busy again, so we decided to play a few more tunes and do a little more (gentle post-pasty) dancing before heading up the road to Cornwall’s Regimental Museum, spiritual home to the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry.

Luckily the rain held off and we processed to the museum playing the Duke of Cornwall’s Reel (naturally!).

Still playing, we snaked up the stairs into the museum and into the galleries, snaking a serpent dance around the cabinets.

The Tros an Treys band entering the museum.

We found ourselves a corner and a good place to dance and played tunes for some display dances.

Tros an Treys dancers performing in Cornwall’s Regimental Museum

It was a tight squeeze in places but great fun!

The Tros an Treys band amongst the displays at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum.

The museum was buzzing with activity for the Fun Palaces day. There was a face painter, radio controlled tanks, and games, alongside our music and dancing.

We finished the day with a group photo in the museum, which turned out to be Cornwall Regimental Museum’s busiest day ever.

Tros an Treys at Cornwall’s Regimental Museum

We headed back to Bodmin General station where we took the steam train back to Bodmin Parkway before heading back to Penzance. It was a busy day but we all had a fantastic time, and look forward to taking part again in 2019.

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