Lowender Peran

It’s been a week since our performance at Lowender Peran. It’s always hard to tell, but we were all happy with our performance – both dancers and musicians.

We had such fun at the festival – if you like Celtic music, dance and culture generally – go next year! Many Tros an Treys members stayed at hotels and guest houses in Newquay so that they could stay for several days and go to performances and take part in sessions.

Impromptu Cornish session
Hevva performing on Sunday
An even bigger Cornish session!
Dancing to Davey Dyer

Today we were back at the Coach House in Penzance to continue our weekly practices. Our next event is in a month, and will involve a post-chapel tea treat with plenty of dancing and music. Here’s some photos of us in full swing!

Tehm and Steve from our band
Courtney – drummer and dancer
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