We’re working up to Lowender Peran now and getting excited! We are playing for the ‘Beastly Ball’ on Thursday night 31st October; the perfect opportunity to get away from B*e*it with some good Cornish tunes and dancing; details below!

Our Thursday evening festival troyl will be an extra special one this year, a ‘Beastly Ball’ brought to us by Cornwall’s own Tros an Treys, in celebration of Nos Kalan Gwaf (Winter’s Eve) and All Hallow’s Eve.

An opportunity to don your Guize Dance masks and mock posh costume.*

*Fancy Dress is Optional

Is it about time that the festival invoked the spirit of Pen Gwynn again? There is also rumour a special guest will be sprung from Bodmin jail especially for the evening… watch out for the ritual resurrection of Beast of Bodmin!

Thursday 31st October 2019
7.30 – 10.30pm
The Hotel Bristol, Newquay

Also over the weekend at Lowender Peran, there is a chance to see all the dance groups at the festival. Tros an Treys is performing a dance display on Sunday afternoon on the 3rd November in the ballroom at the Hotel Bristol at 12.10pm.

We’ll be performing a mix of our own dances and traditional dances with a range of rhythms and pace, and at the end will invite the audience to join in a dance!

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