Tros an Treys was formed in 2008, and is Penzance’s first Cornish dance group. Our name means ‘clamour of feet’ reflecting the metal taps or scoots we wear on our shoes. We perform, teach and encourage all forms of Cornish Dancing. We have choreographed several new dances using Cornish steps, shapes and patterns, one of which won first prize in the Cornish Dance Competitions. Our own band provides lively renditions of Cornish tunes for the dancers.

Our colours represent the Cornish chough, and our costumes are very eye-catching, with everyone freestyling using the red, black and silver colours! Look out for the choughs on our musicians’ waistcoats, our banner and our portable stage.

Tros an Treys members include dancers and musicians, and some who do both.


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