What we offer

Troyls, nos lowens, barn dances and cèilidhs

Perfect for weddings, parties and other celebrations. We provide both a caller and a dance leader.

‘Troyl’ is the Cornish word for a ceili or barn dance, with a caller taking you through the dances. Often in the past these events would include songs, stories and poems, and we can include these if desired.

‘Nos Lowen’ means ‘happy night’ and is an evening of simpler dances to pick up by following the dance leaders. By the end of the night you’ll all be joining in!

We love both, especially when we are booked to do a combination of the two; the best of both worlds.


Cornish dance displays, workshops and processions

For dance displays, we can bring along our chough-decorated stage if your venue does not have a hard floor. Our scoots sound best on wooden floors and slate, but any hard floor can be suitable.

For workshops (which can be suitable for all ages from toddlers to centenarians!), we will teach a dance or two, and involve the participants in some easy follow-my-leader serpent dances. For these, we usually provide one or two dancers to teach and walk through the dances, and a mini-band. If you would like some display dancing too, book for a display and a workshop.

We are a colourful addition to processions with our black, red and silver outfits and banner at festivals, carnivals and other celebrations.

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